2014 Demos

by Hands To The Sky

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released September 1, 2014



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Hands To The Sky Boston, Massachusetts

Founded on the New England coast, Hands To The Sky comes from humble beginnings. They're a duo turned quartet with varying music tastes joined together by boredom and a dream.

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Track Name: Guilty Pleasures
Verse One

They promised you hope at your world’s end
“As long as you shrink, your faith will grow”

If you wanted to cope, they’re in your defense
You never meant to sell our soul

When guilty pleasures replace your friends
You get addicted. You lose control.

It stole your body and took all sense
You let its hands strip off your clothes

Pre Chorus

“You’re not the same now, are you?”
“It’s not a part of me!”

“You’re not the same now, are you?”
“It’s now a part of me!”


You’re not the same, but without it you’re nothing
Don’t let it leave you

It’s not the blame, yet you doubt it. It’s something
That you have to bleed through

We do this now. I’m done with this hell
We take back what’s been stolen

Don’t ask me how I lost myself
We do this for the broken

Verse Two

A pawn surrounded by queen and kings
They'll try to control the life you built

In the back if your mind, your conscience sings
"Was it worth in gold what it's worth in guilt?"

If you're trying to save me, I'm okay
I know that it looks like I'm destroyed

The difference between some hope and pain
Is one is easier to avoid

Pre Chorus

"You're not the same now, are you?"
"It's not a part of me!"

"You're not the same now, are you?"
"I've lost a part of me"



Where is the happiness in this?
Is it hiding behind the guilt?

Pleasure’s a lie
It’s the devil’s disguise

Tryna trick you into thinking it’s something real

Track Name: Strangebird
Verse One

Life ain't a walk in the park yeah
We try to flee faster
You see me coming from a mile away

What's the point of hearts
If the streets beat faster?
It's way too early just to play it safe

Doubted from the start
Our faith won't shatter
We cross our fingers, it's the only way

"Quit wishing on the stars
Dreams don't matter"
We never listen to a word they say!

Pre Chorus

We're young and naive, bound to escape
You're family but so are they


We see the weather changing now
Don't wait! We won't be flying south!
We will not fall to our knees
This time

We say we're strong and they ask how
We're strange birds craving the winter now
We've come to terms with our wings
Your lies never set us free!


We live in backyards
And broken up houses
These walls were never made to keep us in

A cage that breaks apart
Is freedom found and
We'll never grow up, we are forever kids!